Searching for Sun: CERI Eyewear and Timeless Design

Nothing says ‘summer' like sunglasses. Sure, we wear them year-round (assuming the sun does shine in some parts of the country during winter…Nashville has been the gloomiest!), but I cannot think of a single summer memory or water-based vacation that does not include my favorite pair of sunnies. On the most practical level, sunglasses protect my eyes or, when indoors, hold my hair out of my face atop my head, but at the same time can make me feel instantly styled and chic and ready for the day, even when I’m wearing the simplest of outfits, such as a basic white tee and relaxed denim, and not a stitch of makeup. I’m in Holbox Island this week, and trust me: I’m taking full advantage of this one-step transformation.

Sunglasses intro

How do they do that—elevate our self-image and state of mind at once? Sunglasses are personal. We may have two or three pairs, but they are not like clothes in that we have several options depending on our mood or the occasion; we buy sunglasses to go with as many things as possible, and to best represent our personal styles across the board. As consumers, we put a lot of stock in the designs and colors of sunglasses as extensions of our personalities and tastes, beyond just what frame complements the shape of our faces. From that perspective, just as all of the objects we choose to wear on our bodies, sunglasses are tied directly to our identities and reflect who we are. 

This material connection between people and products can be dangerous in our ‘more is more’ world, where having the most expensive or sought-after products is prized. If fashion were not a competition, however, rather a means to confidence and comfort, then our relationship with consumerism would transform greatly. I say we control the narrative and design the products to suit us, not the other way around. It is my priority to design products that reflect you and suit your lifestyles for effortlessness in the day-to-day and sustainability for years to come.

 Sunglasses, detail

I live in sunglasses and have wanted to offer CERI label sunglasses for a long time. Curating a collection of both statement and understated pieces, all classic, I think meets the needs of dynamic women whose lives are interesting and nuanced, and who never see the same day twice (I’m talking about you!). Just as important if not more than creating timeless styles, we had to produce the sunglasses in a way consistent with our commitment to simplicity and sustainability. CERI eyewear is handmade in Italy using Italian raw materials and Mazzucchelli acetate, which is made out of organic cotton and wood fibers and is naturally hypoallergenic. Our production facility is a decades-old family business, steeped in European design traditions and premium craftsmanship.


Meet the Styles:



Frames: Tortoise, Pink

Lenses: Translucent black, amber (respectively)

The Drew is our most traditional style of sunglasses with rectangle-shaped lenses and a straight silhouette across the eyes and bridge of the nose. The rectangular shape surpasses trendy and will be your go-to eyewear for years to come. For the enlightened professional.




Frames: Tortoise, Black

Lenses: Ocean blue, black gradient (respectively)

The Kelcey is named after one of our most loyal followers who was the first to purchase this style. The slight cat-eye lens shape, pointing upward at the corners, is reminiscent of sixties glam, yet the blue gradient lens on the tortoise frame and the monochromatic black on black are both profoundly modern. For the subtly curious.




Frames: Marbled Caramel, Black

Lenses: Amber, black gradient (respectively)

It’s hard to see a round lens and not think of John Lennon, but what a fashion icon…so we’re kind of okay with it! The acetate frames, as opposed to metal, does help to separate the Collins as its own distinct, sophisticated style. For the offbeat creative.