When will I receive my order?

While we do our best to ship orders out as soon as possible, production is done in small runs and pieces are often made to order. Typically, in-stock items ship in 2-3 business days. However, it can sometimes take as long as 10-14 business days to fulfill and ship your order.  You will receive tracking info via email when your order ships.

Please call us at 615-200-0991 if you need further assistance or would like to know the estimated ship date of your order.

How do I care for my leather bag?

Our best recommendation for cleaning your Ceri Hoover leather bag is to take it to a trusted shoemaker or cleaner specializing in leather. Try to avoid exposing your bag to water and moisture.

The natural beauty of our leather is enhanced over time as the bags are exposed to natural light and handling. Any marks you may see at first will fade over time as the leather darkens and ages.

Caring for your Ceri Hoover Handbag

We use a variety of hand-picked, custom-made leathers for our bags. Our bags are made out of high-quality leather, hair-on leather, suede, and nubuck leather. See below for our suggestions to care for your bag. As always, try to avoid exposure to moisture. Our best recommendation to care for your handbag is to take it to your trusted shoemaker or professional leather cleaner.

About Our Leather

Our signature handbags are made from a “naked” leather. This means that the hide is untreated and requires proper care. Each hide has unique color and grain variations, which reveal the leather’s natural beauty. Leather darkens over time, depending on frequency of wear and exposure to sunlight. Scars or marks are a natural attribute of naked leather, which enhance the character and uniqueness of the leather. We recommend using a leather cream (we like Leather CPR) to maintain the leather’s vivacity.

Hair-On Leathers

Our Hair-On bags are made with 100% authentic cow hair. Hair-on products are naturally prone to thinning or damage caused by friction from wear. This is neither a manufacturer defect nor an issue exclusive to our brand, but simply the nature of consistent wearing of a hair-on handbag. Unfortunately, we are unable to repair or replace hair-on bags. Please handle with care.


Suede is made from the inside of a hide and dyed to a specific color; therefore, on occasion, the color has the natural tendency to rub off onto clothes and other textile items. We recommend spraying your suede bag with a protector (we like Apple Brand) every month. For cleaning, we recommend using a Suede & Nubuck Cleaner (we like Kiwi Brand), which will naturally soften and restore the leather.

Nubuck Leathers

We use 100% nubuck, which is similar to suede – but with a smooth, supple finish. Like suede, it is untreated leather that is potentially susceptible to water and oil stains. To minimize stains, we recommend spraying your nubuck handbag with a protector (we like Apple Brand) every month. For cleaning, we recommend using a nylon bristle brush for dusting away any dust or dirt. We recommend using a Suede & Nubuck cleaner (we like Kiwi Brand), which will naturally soften and restore the leather.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! International orders ship via DHL Express and can take up to 3 weeks to deliver. Ceri Hoover Bags is not responsible for lost or damaged items in transit. Buyer is responsible for all customs/import charges.


What is your return policy?

 If for any reason an item does not work out for you, we gladly offer return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Items marked as final sale & promotional items are non-refundable.

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What are some of your design inspirations?

I think inspiration comes from wherever you allow it to come. Sometimes it's a random photo that I come across, maybe a magazine spread, or, in the case of our spring line, an ice cream shop. Professionally, I'm inspired by the designers who came before me who were able to achieve their goals.

You came to fashion from an interior design background. How does that inform the work you are doing now?

First and foremost, both disciplines are about creating beauty, or an aesthetic. Whether you’re thinking about an interior space or a handbag, what matters are colors, shapes, lines, and how harmoniously those things come together. On the functional side, interior design is about how people live, and fashion is no different. Whether I’m thinking about form or function, when I’m conjuring a new design I have a person or a personality in mind. I think that is definitely a practice I picked up doing interiors.

Who are some of your favorite clothing designers or brands?

Ziiropa, Sugar Candy Mountain, Rachel Comey, Creatures of Comfort, and my fellow Nashvillians Ona Rex, Amanda Valentine, Elizabeth Suzann and Jamie & the Jones.

What's it like working in fashion in a town best known for music?

Nashville has a talented and growing stable of fashion designers. I think the music scene has given our city the creative edge necessary to build a fashion scene. You can't be a fashion designer if you’re not pushing some boundary, and it takes a certain type of tolerant culture to make enough people feel comfortable doing that. The culture of the music industry has taught Nashvillians that it's okay to be different.

Which Ceri Hoover styles do you wear yourself? 

I'm very simplistic. I carry our most understated pieces, usually the prototypes from the season ahead. The Alys Totes are my current favorites.