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Ceri Hoover is a premium leather accessories company founded in 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. We use materials sourced from the world’s finest leather purveyors and employ American artisans to handcraft our bags and shoes to the exacting specifications of our company’s namesake founder and creative director. Simple but never plain, Ceri Hoover bags are of exceptional quality and feature exquisite detailing and timeless design. They are available in over 150 boutiques across the United States, in Anthropologie stores, and at


I live in the creative hub that is Nashville, but I’m originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s a place of sea oats and wild horses and driftwood, pebbly sand and salted air. It’s an aesthetic—natural and unpretentious and on the edge of things—that has always stuck with me.

After college, I found myself living at the beach again, this time in Seaside, Florida, with my husband, Craige. I was working as a real estate broker but was increasingly passionate about interior design. Pregnant and in a deep nesting phase, I stayed tucked at home poring over design blogs. After our son Luke was born, I had this urgent need to create, to make use of my time and my hands. I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine, found instructional videos on YouTube, and stayed up all night stitching pillow after pillow.

In 2010, we moved to Nashville and I opened my interior design business, Cooper Grey. I liked making custom pieces for clients, and one night while working on a cowhide pillow, I had a revelation: folded over, the pillow made a great clutch. I started carrying it. Enough people asked me about the bag that I decided to make more. With help from a lot of mentors and advisers along the way, my namesake company launched in January 2013.

My approach is pretty straightforward; I’m not trying to reinvent the handbag. I simply want to create bags that reflect my own sense of style, and that allow other women to complement their own. Bags are the one piece of fashion that any woman can use to tell her story. Whatever your size, income, age or aesthetic, you just rock the bag that reflects your style and you’re done.

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Whatever your size, income, age or aesthetic, you just rock the bag that reflects your style and you’re done.