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Ceri Hoover Shoes feature the same premium leathers you’ve grown to love against hand-carved heels made of Alden wood. The all-wood heels normally come with a shiny glazed finish, but Ceri prefers exposing the raw wood which has been sanded to perfection. You can spot clean your heels by sanding with a piece of sandpaper, or let them naturally patina over time. Like all of our handbags, all Ceri Hoover shoes are made in Los Angeles.

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Just like Queen Elizabeth, this bag never looks frazzled, even if it’s hiding a mess on the inside. For years, Ceri has dreamed of designing a wide-strap handbag that can sling on your shoulder or hang daintily from the wrist. Determined to find an unconventional name for this high-end design—Ceri chose Kennon, knowing the women who carry it will blend the perfect amount of softness and strength.

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