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Ceri Hoover Shoes feature the same premium leathers you’ve grown to love against hand-carved heels made of Alden wood. The all-wood heels normally come with a shiny glazed finish, but Ceri prefers exposing the raw wood which has been sanded to perfection. You can spot clean your heels by sanding with a piece of sandpaper, or let them naturally patina over time. Like all of our handbags, all Ceri Hoover shoes are made in Los Angeles.

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Visit Our Flagship in Nashville Shop the Apparel collection and one of kind pieces in store only. “I just like that community vibe that 12South offers. From the retailer and restaurant standpoint, I feel like everyone there really works together to take care of one another, whether it’s sharing parking spots or promoting an event down the road. It’s really community based, and I like that intimacy brought into my flagship,” Hoover said. via Tennessean

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