women on tennis court


I started playing tennis in 2020, well into my 40s, and I was delighted to become a part of an incredible community of club players, women of all ages who shared a love for the game. I also found myself choosing from styles of athletic wear that did not seem to be designed for me or the women with whom I played. 




The problem was apparent. Tennis skorts are made with a seam that attaches the skirt to the short, and that seam necessarily lands in the very, er, softest part of a mature woman's body. The result is a "muffin top" effect. As a baker, I do love muffins, but I like them in my kitchen and not in my midsection.

tennis skirt comparison on woman's body


I set out to find a solution, and I found it in seamless construction. MYKORT construction is my patent-pending technique for creating a seamless compression skort. Over the past two years I have worked with factories from LA to North Carolina, and the result is a skort that is comfortable, slimming, and moisture-wicking, and I am thrilled to introduce it to the world. 


diagram of tennis skort