Brynn Elliott Watkins for Ceri Hoover | A Video You Won't Want to Miss.

The video is absolutely stunning! Tell me a little more about how this idea came to be?

I wanted this video to showcase a woman's strength and the beauty of difference. Three women stand like statues, embracing their unique qualities in each shot. Ceri Hoover bags ebb and flow throughout the whole video to accent the beauty of each woman. Naturalness of form is what I'm after. 

What was the creative process like for the video and where did you draw your inspiration from?

Sally Mann was a huge inspiration for this video. I love the way she conveys emotions in her photography. I also drew inspiration from the music of Joy Division and New Order.  I am a big fan of the strong beats paired with synth. This all comes together to celebrate strength, beauty, originality. My husband, Aaron Craig, is also an award winning cinematographer and director who's worked with everyone from Sufjan Stevens to The Cold War Kids, so it was awesome getting to collaborate with him on this!

How did you choose the clothing and location for the video?

I wanted this video to play on contrasts. The bags were designed to fit into every woman's wardrobe seamlessly. I wanted to have fun with the art direction. The natural landscape paired with the bright and loud clothing choices really brought this idea to fruition. I love odd pairings. They catch the eye. Nature, bright clothing, bold bags and awesome women...what a natural or, should I say, "out of the ordinary" choice.  

What piece from the Fall Winter 16 Collection was your favorite to style and shoot?

The CHALLON (pictured above) -- It's sleek, chic, simple and has enough room for all the essentials.