Studio Tour with Alex

Last month we made the journey from Nashville to Los Angeles to visit one of our manufacturers.

Trips like this are always rewarding and help to inspire our process and kindle creativity. We are able to interface with people that live and breathe fine construction, and that have a passion for their craft.

The manufacturer we went to see was Alex Martinez.

Alex is a man that radiates knowledge that can only come with experience. He has been making bags his entire life. The trade is in his blood. We are proud to be able to work with him.

He took us around the workshop to meet his team, look at our new samples, and discuss the small details that define our bags. Talking through the beautiful leathers, hardware, and design theory is integral to our process.

We were also able to check in on some old favorites like the Hadley clutch.

It is so exciting to be able to review new patterns for parts of the upcoming collection with Alex, he plays a vital role in working with our custom leathers to get the best aesthetic design.

This type of collaboration is one of my favorite parts of being a designer. So much goes into getting our final product right. Thankfully, we are able to meet people like Alex that inspire us to push for perfection.