We sat down with our dear friend, Libby Callaway, to talk Nashville fashion, why we can't wait for The Wardrobe Project, and what she is loving most from our FW16 Collection. 

Journal: How did you initially get involved in the fashion industry and what brought you back to Nashville?

LC: I got involved in fashion via journalism. I was the fashion editor at the New York Post for many years in the late 90s and early aughts. During that time, I learned a lot about the industry from both design and business angles. When I moved to Nashville twelve years ago, I wrote about fashion freelance for magazines and newspapers and also worked as a stylist and vintage dealer. I launched my career in fashion PR & marketing five years ago at Imogene + Willie and went on to work in-house for Billy Reid before launching The Callaway this year.


Journal: We are so excited to be apart of the inaugural Wardrobe Project. What role do you play in the TWP?

LC: I am the chairman of Nashville Fashion Alliance's board of directors, and from that post have provided feedback and assisted with some strategy that has been implemented by our CEO Van Tucker, her staff, and an amazing team of volunteers. It's been incredible to see it all come together!


Journal: With all of the fashion events and happenings in Nashville currently, what is special or unique about the TWP?

LC: TWP is special because it's the first time we've gathered so many of the NFA's brands in one place! It's going to be a wonderful way for folks in our community to see first-hand the creativity and quality that is alive in our community. And having the work of local artists on display in the space is going to add a lot to the experience. I'm incredibly excited about it.


Journal: How does your admiration for local brands influence your personal style?

LC: I buy local whenever I can, and not just because I want to be supportive: I love what so many of our local brands are doing, from an aesthetic point of view. And I love that at this point, I can literally dress local head to toe - from my Ceri Hoover Benson Booties and up. And with organizations like the NFA working hard to make Nashville a hospitable place for fashion businesses to start and grow, I expect to have even more choices in the future.


Journal: What are you most eager to see from our Fall Collection at TWP?

LC: I am a fool for the fall color scheme Ceri's playing with. The blues, grays and reds she has working through her shoes and bag collections is killing me in the best possible way!

All Photos By: Heidi Ross