A fresh twist on the ever-classic Waller Clutch, and inspired by Mid-Century interior design, this Woven Waller Clutch features 2-inch wide strips of our signature naked Russet leather, woven together by hand in our Los Angeles studio.åÊ

IntentionallyåÊdesigned to perform both day and night, in the office, and around the home -åÊInfuse a bit of luxury into your everyday.

Ceri herself hasåÊtoo many to count: one for makeup, one for toiletries, one for receipts, kid's toys, and snacks for her son Luke. (As she puts it, anything a synthetic bag can do, the Waller Clutch can do better).åÊ

åÊStructured Silhouette
  • Can be used as a clutch or for organizing smaller items in your bag
  • 2" woven leather in a heavier weight for more structure
  • ZipåÊclosure with gold finish
  • Lined

Dimensions:åÊ8"h x 11"w x .5"d

Designed in Nashville. Handmade in Los Angeles.

Care: When it comes to caring for the leather, know that each hide has unique color and grain variations, which reveal the leather‰۪s natural beauty. Leather darkens over time, depending on the frequency of wear and exposure to sunlight. Scars or marks are a natural attribute of naked leather, which will enhance the patina as it adapts to your lifestyle.