Want to make a statement? Make your collection even more interesting with Woven Waller Designer Clutch. It has a fresh twist on the ever-classic Waller clutch and is inspired by mid-century interior design. 

Woven beautifully by hand in our Los Angeles studio, this signature leather piece is intentionally designed to stand out and perform for your daytime and nighttime ensembles.

Whether you are about to attend a grand evening party or a small group brunch with your friends, this designer bag is a perfect companion for its versatility. It has everything that we need in a purse - style, function, and quality.

Even Ceri herself uses it to organize her stuff including her makeup, toiletries, kid’s toys, receipts, snacks, and more. Whatever a synthetic bag can do, the Waller clutch can do even better.

No one can have too many clutches. We need them around the home, in the office, and even in our outdoor travels and adventures.

Our Waller clutch is not just stylish but you also get your money’s worth for its durability and affordability as a designer luxury purse.

It features 2-inch woven strips of our signature Russet Brown naked leather in a heavier weight for more structure. It also has a zipper closure with a striking gold finish.

Ceri creates designer bags that are functional, minimalistic, and timeless. She aims for classic quality that can stand the test of time.

Dimensions: 8h x 11w x .5d