About to attend a special and extravagant evening occasion or about to meet your friends for lunch? Having a reliable purse or clutch bag is necessary whatever the occasion or event is. 

This classy Waller Designer Clutch Bag has the iconic Ceri Hoover touch that speaks of timeless style and superior quality. It is particularly made for both day and evening affairs. 

Whether you are in the office, at a party, or just right inside the comfort of your own home, this clutch has so many uses and you can never have too many. 

As part of the Ceri Hoover Core Collection, this iconic clutch is here to stay. With its timeless style paired with luxurious leather, no wonder it is one of the favorites in our arsenal. 

The best part of owning a Waller clutch is that you can easily elevate any outfit and make it even more interesting. Plus, it is customizable to your needs.

This classy leather clutch is made in America. It has exquisite printed cow hair lined in 100% premium quality, industrious Cotton Chambray.

Ceri creates designer bags that are classic, functional, and can stand the test of time. 

She personally uses these leather pouches to organize her life at home which only proves that even mundane activities can be infused with luxury. What furthers the Waller clutch’s luxurious quality is the fact that it can last a lifetime - both in style and functionality.

Dress down or up, this bag is your ultimate go-to clutch. Get your own Waller bag today and instantly make a statement.

Dimensions: 8h x 11w x .5d