Dimensions: 8h x 11w x .5d

Part of our Core Collection, the Waller clutch is here to stay. One of our most popular bags, it comes in both signature and seasonal leather options. Ceri designed this bag to perform both day and night, in the office, and around the home. With so many uses for the Waller Clutch, you can never have too many!

With minimalåÊhardware, this bag features a brass zipper and an industrious chambray lining. Though crafted as a clutch, Ceri also uses these leather pouches to organize her life. She has too many to count: one for makeup, one for toiletries, one for receipts, kids toys and snacks for her son Luke. (As she puts it, anything a synthetic bag can do, the Waller Clutch can do better). It may feel too large of an investment to house your toiletries, but rest assured: the Waller Clutch will last a lifetime and will infuse even the most mundane activities with luxury.

This high-end leather clutch is made in America and comes in several leather options, depending on your preference. Our Core Collection cowhide leather (Camel, Black) feels like butter to the touch.åÊ

Care: When it comes to caring for the leather, know that each hide has unique color and grain variations, which reveal the leather‰۪s natural beauty. Leather darkens over time, depending on frequency of wear and exposure to sunlight. Scars or marks are natural attribute of naked leather, which will enhance the patina as it adapts to your lifestyle. When necessary, we recommend using a leather cream (we like Leather CPR) to maintain the leather‰۪s vivacity.