Want to stand out and shine your way through the crowd? Grab your favorite Ceri Hoover Crossbody Bags and turn them into a shinier and shimmering piece with this extra fab Snake Chain. 

It is available in beautiful gold and gunmetal finish that is sure to immediately add character and luster to your overall style.

Our founder, Ceri Hoover, loves to use the gunmetal chain with her Hadley Raven/Black bag. One of her favorite looks.

Change things up! Accessorize your crossbody or shoulder bags by simply attaching the Snake Chain’s attachable hooks to the D-rings and Voila! You got a new and sparkling strap!

Make your overall look even more exciting. Sure, our bags are a reflection of our fashion and taste, but the strap also plays a significant role.

It is not just stylish and bold, but it is also highly functional. Our bag straps carry all the weight and you need a sturdy one to do the job. This Snake Chain is a true worker bee. It is sturdy, durable, and can take on hard work.


The chain works perfectly with our Hadley, Simone, and Currey designer bags. It doesn’t just work for bags though. You can also get creative with it and accessorize a lot of things such as your camera, purses, trousers, and more.

Make your Ceri Hoover bags extra stylish with this Snake Chain. Get yours today!