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The Perfect Leather Diaper Bag

Posted: Apr 13 2017


Alys Tall Tote Diaper Bag 

I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon when I say this, but the Baby Industry loves when new mamas buy all the stuff. Baby swings. Cribs. Clothes. The cadillac of strollers. And yes, of course, the infamous diaper bag.

 Alys Tall Tote Diaper Bag

When I was a new mom, I disliked the look of most diaper bags. Bulky and obvious, they are like the cargo pants of purses. I appreciated the idea of a durable and large purse with lots of pockets for organization, but eventually all those pockets just make it more difficult to find you need in a hurry. The old adage holds true. Less really is more.

 Phoebe Baby Bag

Plus, I knew the baby-phase wouldn’t last forever, and investing hundreds of dollars into a purse that I would only carry for a few years seemed like a bad idea. Why not invest in a piece that I will want to carry, even when the baby-phase is over?

 Challon Stone White Diaper Bag

Luckily I design handbags for a living. And every season as I draw the plans for our roomiest bags, I always keep new mamas in mind. Motherhood is challenging enough, and you don’t have to lose your sense of style while you do it.

 Alys Tall Tote Diaper Bag

I’ve noticed that lots of moms are attracted to the Commuter Tote. Roomy and structured, the tote is made of fine leather and has plenty of space for all the extras you’ll need. Though again — you don’t need much. A few spare diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for baby. And oh yeah. Pacifiers! You can hide all of that in a Waller clutch, which tucks neatly inside the Commuter. And while the Commuter Tote is still our most popular leather bag for moms, I have a feeling it’s about to get de-throned.

 Alys Tall Tote Diaper Bag Ceri Hoover

That’s because the Alys Tall Tote is the perfect leather diaper bag. New for spring, it comes in a variety of striking colors, including my favorite, goldenrod. Modern and sleek, the bag can sling over your shoulder with its adjustable cross body strap — a necessity for moms! Full of functionality, the Alys Tall Tote doesn’t forfeit an ounce of style. (The bag transforms for date night when you take off the strap and slip your arm through the handle)

 Phoebe Diaper Bag Crossbody handbag Ceri Hoover nashville

Of course I have other recommendations for new moms as well. Dr. Brown’s bottles are incredible. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works like magic. (And I even keep some handy now for those pesky swim rashes boys get at the beach.) But in the end, no matter what gear you choose, being a new mom is an adventure unlike any other. 

 Challon Diaper Bag

I hope to provide stylish leather bags that complement a new mom’s style rather than defining it. Maybe in some small way, it will offer those moms what I needed when Luke was born— confidence and encouragement to manage the most exciting roller coaster ride ahead.

xo, ceri

Model | Alyssia Moore 
Top | Jamie & the Jones
Shoes | Jane Flat
Photographer | Jordana Nicholson

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