Q&A | Megan Huntz

Posted: Aug 05 2016

At Ceri Hoover Bags we are constantly seeking out people and places that inspire us. This is the first in a series of interviews with friends, mentors, and collaborators that continually push us to engage design in fresh ways.  

We asked Atlanta-based designer Megan Huntz a few short questions to help get to know her before delving further into her beliefs about design and craftsmanship. Interspersed through the questions are pictures of some beautiful pieces from her upcoming SS16 collection.

Megan Huntz

Hometown | Atlanta, GA.
Current Location | Atlanta, GA.
Reading | Inventory Magazine.
Listening to | The Flag, Heat Waves.
Watching | French coming of age films from the 1980's. Notably Maurice Pialat's "A Nos Amours" and David Hamilton's "Premiers Desirs."
Drinking | Prosecco. Daily. 
Vacation Spot | Just visited Savannah last weekend and loved every minute. 

Journal: You studied Industrial Design in college. How has that influenced the way you design today? 

MH: Studying Industrial Design gave me a solid foundation, and got me thinking in terms of problem solving and form following function. It also gave a sense of freedom as a fashion designer. Since I hadn't learned traditional ways of pattern making and sewing, I made up some very original methods of my own.

Journal: You grew up in Atlanta, went to New York for College, and worked in Italy. How have these places shaped your personal style and design direction?

MH: Traveling and living in other places besides my hometown has definitely given me a global perspective. 

Journal: A global perspective is invaluable. While you lived in Italy you met a man selling fabrics out of his home that began your journey into fabric buying, and you still talk to him! Tell us a little bit about how you met him, and what sourcing fabrics abroad entails.

MH: Yes, it's true! We tend to have a lot of eccentric people who work in this trade, and this guy is no exception. I met him through other people I was working for in Treviso. He really taught me a lot about quality fabrics, and informed my tastes. I don’t buy from him anymore, but I do go back to see him from time to time to get inspiration and an inside track on what he’s seeing in the industry. 

Journal: Silk is your favorite material. How does working with silk affect what you design?

MH: Getting really experimental with my shapes and seeing how those come out with the character of the silk is what I love working on the most. It can be a real surprise and I especially try to let the figure actually come through from under the shape of the garment. Lots of women try on my dresses and their first comment is, “It’s like I have nothing on!” It brings out their natural beauty.

Journal: Let’s talk about inspiration. What keeps you inspired?

MH: Interesting women. 

Journal: Do you design for these women? Who is that certain woman?

MH: I’d say that my woman isn’t a particular age, but she’s definitely a creative person. Strong, defiant, and vivacious. 

Journal: Tell us about your latest collection and what’s upcoming.

MH: For SS16, I’ve designed a collection full of mellow, swingy shapes that will bring out your inner Lauren Hutton from back in the day –pieces that make you feel great, whether you’re barefoot in the south of France or just going to pick up a few things from the market.

Journal: What’s on your Ceri Hoover bags wish list?

MH: The Sonoma Weekender –I love it!

Journal: Is there a piece from your current collection that is perfect for the Ceri Hoover woman?

MH: For this fall/winter season, I would say it has to be my Kyle dress. Camel lined in silk crepe, you can’t go wrong. I so appreciate Ceri’s knack for nailing that feminine quality that also has a distinct minimalist edge to it. She’s just cool.

Journal: Thank you so much for talking with us. We love what you do!


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